Eligibility Requirements and Durations                                                                                                                                          



At least 4 O/L subjects and 2 A/L  in one sitting excluding Religious Studies or equivalent recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.  2 Years.                                                                                                                                                                             


At least 4 O/L subjects in one sitting including Religious Studies.  1 Year.                                                                                          

International Certification:

Upon completion of an ND/HND program or taking a quick exam preparation class. 3 Months or 6 Months or More depending on the case.


Required Documents


· Birth Certificate (Photocopy)

 · 4 Passport size photographs

· Photocopy of O/L and/or A/L slip or certificate

· Student’s / Parent’s / Sponsor’s Contact information

· Photocopy of National ID Card


Registration Procedures:

· Pay a registration fee of 20,000FCFA (ND) and 25,000FCFA (HND) directly to Trustech’s account at CCC Bank.  Registration fee is included in the Total Fees.

· Photocopy the receipt from CCC Bank and deliver it over to the Receptionist at Trustech and receive complete formalities and school ID card.

 Deadline: The deadline for registration for all programs is September 30th, each academic year.



 IT Careers:  (320 ,000    400,000) FCFA

 Business Careers : (290,000 —  315,000) FCFA.


***Note:  Registration fee, Student’s ID Card, Graduation & Robe fee, Usage of the Computer Labs and Internet facilities are all included in the fees.


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